Matt Incontri


Personal Projects

Miscellaneous Cartoons

A small collection of weird, fun and experimental animated clips I created over the years to help build my skillset and participate in animation collaborations. With no real goals in mind, other than to animate, I find myself having the most fun with these projects expanding many techniques and softwares ranging from Toon Boom Harmony to Photoshop and Adobe animate.


You ever notice kids are practically indestructible during summer break?

My submission for the loopdeloop animation challenge with the theme "Mushy." Animated in toon Boom Harmony and texturized in After Effects.

Direction/Animation/Design: Matt Incontri

Sound Design: Dillon Cahill

Happy Holidays

A fun little loop I made to express the magic of the Holiday season.

Animated in Animate and cleaned up in Photoshop.

Huff Puff Repeat

What really happened the day the Big Bad Wolf rolled into town.

My submission for this month's Loop De Loop Challenge with the theme "Myth."

Animated in Flash, background painted in Photoshop, Composited in After Effects.

Song: "The Smiler" by Percy Wenrich

Makani Character Test

A character test I created to explore how a character from the illustrated children's book "Makani and the Tiki Miki's" by Kosta Gregory. Check out his website to see more of his great work!

Rabbit of Seville (Reanimated)

My contribution to the collaborative reanimation of the Looney Tunes classic film "Rabbit of Seville."

Rough animation in Adobe Animate. Cleanup in Photoshop. Post effects in After Effects.

SpingeBob (Reanimated)

My small contribution to the SpongeBob Reanimated project where a collective of animators remade the pilot to SpongeBob SquarePants one scene at a time.

Entirely animated in Adobe Animate.