Matt Incontri


Board Collection


A short animatic about two original characters named

“Blob & Bone” exploring the mechanics of your everyday playground. This was a fun personal project to both build my storyboarding portfolio and explore the storyline as a children’s tv series.

Entirely created in Adobe Animate.

The Absurdly-Action Packed Childhood of Reggie Barnes (storyboard)

A pitch storyboard for the series "The Absurdly Action-Packed Childhood of Reggie Barnes" that unfortunately didn't go anywhere. Thankfully I had a lot of fun with it and am happy with how it turned out!

Created by Kyle Stegina & Josh Lehrman

Directed by Richard Mather

Produced by Michael Rizzo and Mike Harding


A collection of shots I boarded and revised on season two of the Adult Swim series "Momma Named Me Sheriff." Email me at to receive the password to watch the video. Not suitable for a younger audience.

Entirely created in adobe animate.

Biscuit & Gravy (storyboard)

A pitch storyboard I directed for the children's action comedy series "Biscuit & Gravy." Please email me at to receive password access due to the projects current production status.

Created by Kenny Keil

Directed by Matt Incontri

Produced by Straight to Tell entertainment


A basic storyboard I created for a short film to market Swing Juice's new line of graphic T-shirts. The film follows a father and son trying to make a profit at their taco stand.

Illustrated in Photoshop.